Stainless Steel Door Striker Cover Set for 2011+ Kia Optima


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Sometimes it’s the little touches that make the biggest difference. These door striker covers are like jewelry for your car! Add a little style to your Optima with these stainless steel door striker covers. Four (4) come in a set – one for each door. Same day priority shipping make our Optima door striker covers a no brainer for anyone who wants what they buy right away…

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why do people buy door striker covers?

These stainless steer door striker covers are one of the hottest items around. They say it’s the little things that make the biggest difference – and I think this certainly qualifies. It’s not something you see often – but when you open the door – these door striker covers catch the eye.

This is one of those “Lexusy” kind of things where when Lexus first started, they paid crazy attention to detail. For example, the inside of the door handles – on the inside of the car – were lined in felt. Why? Nobody ever looked there! And nobody cared what the inside of the door handles felt like! Until Lexus made them something to talk about.

There are plenty more examples – but these are the kinds of things that make luxury car buyers proud to own something special. These door striker covers are a similar case. When you get in – or when a passenger gets in – they get noticed. You bought a Optima because you want a car that stands out. Right? Why not make an even bigger impression? Throw a set of these door striker covers into your cart and I’ll have them out to you immediately – because that’s how I do things…

Sal Colascione III
Optima Owners Store

why do people buy door striker covers?

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